I’m the leader of 3 XR groups at UNC Chapel Hill.

My reality has always been virtual.

I studied microtonal (72 notes / octave) composition.

I was present for the first mind-controlled VR experience.

I got to see Niantic Labs first VC pitch.

I worked on AR in 2001 @ Media lab.

I research the human phenomena of laughter.

I played in a belly dance troupe.

I’m an artist with a special interest in public art.

I have an original, first-gen iPad.

I almost studied to become an astronaut

I develop graphics driver features for XR.

I recently completed a dissertation on Artworks as Networks.

I study bubbles.

I’m the Mayor of Geronimo, Oklahoma.

I was part of team that created first AR Arcade.

In 2017, I developed a 3D web app using Matterport 3D home models and Wayfair 3D furniture.

I create AR experiences for distilling hundreds of unique plots as a single, intuitive visualization.

I’m creating Art with Light.

I’m a passionate Economist Magazine Reader.

I co-organized 7 TEDx events this year!

I’m Cuban and Italian.

My hometown plates start with AR.

I’m building a company to democratize VR.

I’m from Siberia.

I’m working on a card game in AR for iOS and Android.

I’m a developer of React Reality Library.

I used to windsurf in 25ft+ waves in Maui.

I am a published author.

I’ve worked at Disney.

Mixing AR and art is my passion.

I have 26 inch computer programming biceps.

I once performed CPR on a plane for a man with a heart attack at 30000 feet.

I once spent 3 months in a morgue observing autopsies for a TV Series I was making.

I was a MIT Reality Virtually Hackathon winner.

I work with homeless youth.

I grew up in Alaska.

Starbucks spells my name in more than 20 variations.

I am enjoying working in the Acute Psychiatry Service at Mass General.

I was once caught in quicksand off the coast of France.

I’ve been doing XR for nearly 30 years.

I wrote a book with my daughter called, Flair.

I’m an Early Adopter.

I am a psychologist, cycologist, and a real cognitive shape shifter (and lover of puns)!

I enjoy deep learning art.

I compete in data science.

I’m excited about the interface of biology and electronics.

I live and work in US, Japan, Nepal.

I’m a Drone Pilot & Firefighter.

I’m building AR now for a future mobility system!

I’m working on audio AR projects.

I am exactly 1 Smoot (an MIT created unit of measure) tall.

I used to be a competitive ballroom dancer in college.

I’m a dentist by profession and now running a pharma data consulting practice.

I spent the last 27 years in Russia.

I met and shook hands with Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

I’m an avid film maker and artist on side.

I was a featured extra in a movie this year!

I shook hand with George W. Bush and Barack Obama in the same week.

I have a 3D printed a functional rocket engine.

I have invested in over 50 companies.

I’m on the board of Communities Without Borders supporting orphans in Zambia.

Finally set up my 18″ reflector.

I’m teaching a course at MIT called Enchanted Architecture.

My reality may be too augmented already.

I used immersive reality in oil & gas exploration.

I won a World Series!

I flew Apache Helicopters in the Army.

I might have an Erdos-Bacon number less than ten.

I used to be a boatbuilder and now I study architecture.

I’m a Spatial Relations expert.

I grew up in Thailand.

I resumed cycling in France this year.

I ran a Hedge Fund for 10 years.

I’ve been deploying AR solutions since 2006.

I’m a private pilot, instrument rated.

I speak 5 languages.

I’m the unhealthiest vegetarian you’ll ever meet.

I travel to the Pacific Island Nations at least once a year with a medical foundation.

I’ve been to 2 AR in Actions already!

I built Wayfair Spaces on the Magic Leap One.

I’m a pilot.

I love the letterpress.

I’m a certified open water diver.

I found a first edition of The Joy of Mathematics at the thrift store.

I’m a fire spinner.

I ran harvest operations at an orchard for a break this fall.

I gave a Ted Talk.

I speak Chinese and used to give tours of San Fran’s Chinatown.

I hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2003.

I worked on the NASA Hubble Space Telescope.

I played bass with Chuck Berry at the Meadowlands in front of 14K people with no rehearsal!

I’m a former chess prodigy, US Under 16 Champion.

I’m a brain-machine interface expert

I was a movie star in my twenties.

I reproduce historical clothing for use at historical sites.

I developed the first AR application in 1993 (a wearable computer with a single hand keyboard and a Reflection Technology HMD).

I have been working in AR since 2001.

I’ve been investing in AR since mid 2000s.

I easily get lost in the rabbit holes of AR news.

I make robots get dizzy.

I met Jim Henson when I was five.

I’m a boxer.

I raced cars at Daytona and NH Speedway.

My background is in Human Factors & Ergonomics.

I vacationed on the Galapagos Islands last month.

I’m a chess grandmaster, published author, former world youth championship gold medalist

I’m planning to run a marathon on every continent.

I have designed learning experiences for ages 3 to senior executives.

I’m the ASSU Mental Health Director.

I lived in Los Angeles for 15 years.

I own the largest gong in North America.

I memorized the Canadian national anthem at 7 because of all the hockey I watched.

I’m invisible on Jupiter.

I started writing down my dreams at age 5.

I was born on Halloween.

I love the startup world.

I’m a Maine-iac.

I made a March Madness bracket of songs from Disney Animated films.

I served as an elected official — worst hobby ever.

I have 3 daughters.

I’ve traveled to over 40 foreign cities.

I’m a hacker.

I played World of Warcraft for 10+ years.

I can put both my feet behind my head.

I enjoy running marathons.

I’m still waiting for Half-Life 3.

I played rugby from 10 until I broke my back falling down some stairs in my mid 30’s.

My near mid-life crisis involves taking up martial arts and skiing.

I have a golden retriever dog.

I love euchre.

I work on Web XR specifications.

I’m a competitive bob sled fan!

I listen to extremely aggressive music pretty much all the time.

I paint watercolor dreams and badass women.

I try to enjoy not knowing what I’m doing but still doing it.

I went to Japan for Christmas.

I’m short.

I’m learning every day from millennials.

I grew up around the world.

I’m a committed, middle of the fleet sailor who loves a day on the water, any time of year.

I have a lifetime of martial arts experience.

My wife is 5 inches taller than me—I’m a lucky guy.

I used to teach at MIT!

I love biking in the snow.

I love to LARP.

I’m a gamer.

I like riding bikes in the cold.

I am a bonsai artist.

I manage (and play) for an adult baseball team in Cambridge.

I’m a serious Quilter

I’m an avid skateboarder

I’m a BBQ Master.

I’m a junk food health fanatic.

I’m a body builder.

I taught myself how to cook.

I love to garden.

I’m tall.

I love Cenovis.

I’m a panel member.

I just came back from 3 months in Japan.

I have jumped out of a plane.

I have never broken a bone before in my life.

I can talk about Star Trek until you are praying for the sweet release of death.

I can run 10k at any time, right now, even in my work clothes… try me.

I love cooking.

I like nice rocks.

I have a twin.

I’m a rock climber and play guitar.

I’m a a DIY junkie from cars to carpentry.

I’m an Asian whose first language is Dutch

I was once an art punk.

I’m a veteran of George Lucas Companies.

I teach spin.

I have 400 Disney Collectibles, some used for original designs.

I make wine.

I’m the world record holder for shining shoes.

I’m a late-bloomer.

I’m shorter than most bridges.

I love to golf.

I’m a competitive debater.

I love adventures and physical challenges!

I’m an offshore sailor – RV “Starship”.

I’m an avid AR student – 24×7.

My parents were Christmas tree farmers

I’m a native New Yorker.

I enjoy biking.

I have a dog that was my co-teacher for a year.

I work with mangos all the time.

I worked in the music industry before going to grad school.

I can drive 32 hours straight.

Photography is one of my hobbies.

I’m a motor bike enthusiast and Piper Cherokee Pilot.

I like to play tennis and guitar.

I hate meat on a bone.

I like fries.

I am a Berklee College of Music Alumni.

I am not into gaming, at all.

I’m a jazz musician.

I’m from Korea, Australia, Myanmar, Russia and US

A consultant who also animates and codes.

I love plants.

I know how to shear a sheep.

I’m a flutist.

I love AR!

I’m the most remote employee of my organization.

I am the only girl in three boys in my family.

I used to be left-handed.

I am a Professor who teaches MBA students

I’m a thriver.

I’m interested in Astrology.

I’m a backcountry skier.

I spent the last 2 years in Russia.

I love golden retrievers.

I love matching socks with my pants.

I can hand-knit from right to left.

I’m interested in aerospace.

I’m a movie bug.

I think that digital Lego hurts more than the real thing.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a thief.

I don’t sleep in the day time.

I love gourmet cooking.

I like cake.

I started working on AI 30 years ago.

I love ultimate frisbee.

I never fly on election days.

I’m a total foodie.

As a hobby, I draw, write, and fold origami.

I don’t own a toaster.

I love to bike.

I started learning Kung Fu recently.

I’m left handed.

I’m linking STEM and traditional home arts.

I have been to 6 different continents

I love making cocktails.

Rolling Stone called me “A Hawkwind style dancer in sequins”.

I drink PBR by choice.

I like to ski.

I love pistachio anything.

I’m an ex-Colombian national world team fencer.

I am a cat person.

I’m a shotgun shooter, copywriter, and programmer

I can hold my breath for 2mins in the water

I am a cat person.

I can speak 5 languages.

I’m interested in vision and Robotics.

I’m a 25 yr karaoke performer.

I have become a squash fanatic over the last year.

I experimented with combustion as a 5-year-old and started my father’s car on fire.

I’m aformer naval architect & nuclear engineer turned psychologist.

My first paying job was as a masseur.

I love Pokémon Go.

I previously worked in robotic surgery.

I got into the XR world by chance.

I can sleep anytime!

I lead the Virtual Mobility group at TRI

I’m Canadian!

I’m a course X alum!

I play competitive badminton.

I am an Experimental Humanist.

I was a lead singer in touring rock band in my early twenties.

I’m a sailing champion.

I play guitar.

I play bass.

I started Lumos Helmet.

I love Classical Choral pieces and practice with MIT Concert Choir.

I’m an extreme skier.

I’m a AR/VR Developer.

I still work with my hands, whenever possible.

I’m so old I remember when virtual reality was just reality.

I moved from FL to NH because I miss blizzards.

I ran for Congress in NC’s 2nd district.

I ate a vegan philly cheese steak outside of philly and it was actually good!

I play games on twitch.

I’m an associate Professor of Graphic Design.

I’m a sugar addict.

I once climbed a pyramid — the smallest of the ones in Giza.

My pet turtle is named Tursia.

I am also a trip hop producer.

I’m the CEO of a VR-powered corp training co.

I bought first Bitcoin in 2013.

I’m a space buff.

I have not yet learned to walk on my hands

I’m a ginger.

I’m working on VR/AR for Qualcomm.

I’m a 2x time MIT startup entrepreneur.

I lived in Japan for a year.

I learned machine learning in the 90s to use it for theater design.

I’m passionate about innovation.

I first programmed an 8K memory computer 50 years ago and doing it again with Arduinos today.

I’m a very senior professor trying new things.

I’m an investor.

I’m an avid surfer.

I’m a jazz fiddler.

I’m a history and AR Buff.

I’m a Northeastern student studying CompSci/Gaming.

I want to achieve great heights in my career but I am acrophobic.

I recently couch surfed across the country for 6 months.

I run the Choosy Beggar online retail site.

I am learning to fly an airplane.

I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica.

My other job is raising a small(ish) FoF as a gateway to raising own VC fund.

I’ve lived and worked in 10 countries.

I am putting my passion for the fine Swiss watch making into the creation of innovative consumer products and sophisticated AR & AR tech

I’m an educator and editor.

I’m the master of AR.

I nerd out for 007.

I have traveled 70% the World.

I received a master’s in Architecture from GSD.

I am teaching at Endicott College next semester.

I’ve been excited about XR since playing Dactyl Nightmare back in 1991.

I’m an avid meditator.

I did many internal AR talks.

I make a mean chili.

I published 4 books in 4 years on VR/AR development.

I’ve been 1.5 miles below ocean surface.

I’m excited for the future of AR.

I do both software and hardware design

I’m a first-time entrepreneur.

I’m a computer vision hacker.

I love to run in the POURING rain!

I’m a computer vision specialist trying to dive into financial industry.

I recently had a couple of drawings in a local show.

I’m an early proponent of telepresence robots.

I work in tech for the Construction industry.

I come from a marine science background.

I enjoy being involved with ATMakers.org – Makers and Assistive Technology (AT).

Last summer was the first time I had to give up kayaking on the Charles River.

I have a background in Visual Effects and VR from 1990’s.

I have a background in Motion Tracking for Virtual sets and software for telecom industry.

I have a background in Software Design.

I played bass with Bo Diddley at Danceteria and went on stage at 1 am!

My daughter plays the harp.

I write comics.

I tried to do a VR startup.

I’m a hardcore metalhead.

I’m good at bubble hockey.

I’ve had the same best friend for 14 years and we’ve never met face to face.

I dunked a basketball in Madison Square Garden.

I sing Macy Gray at karaoke.

I like to cycle along the coast.

I’m a globe trotter.

I love to golf.

I’m always up for a walk.

I’m fascinated by all things manufacturing.

I grew up watching Star Trek, and now get to work with my own holodeck.