Important Links

Schedule – see HERE for the overall schedule and HERE for the speaker order by block. Near final version with the timing for your talks, titles & duration to come later today.

Presentations – upload slides HERE. Those we have HERE.

Company Logos – are we missing yours in the image below? Send it to us HERE.

Talk Titles – those we have HERE. Do we have yours? Let us know HERE.

Register – use the special link HERE


Should I have a Title Slide?

We will have a host introduce you and will also have a title slide with your name on it as you walk up on stage and then fades to your first slide (if you have slides) as you reach stage center. No need to have a slide with your name on it.

What do I do with my Slides and Media?

Your slides should be in PowerPoint or Keynote with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Upload your media to the G-Drive upload folder HERE. Note that the folder is a temp upload location and we will move your file to final staging location and note that we received your file HERE.

If you have any questions or problems, please email Chris Sanders <>.

When should I arrive at the venue?

You should arrive at the MIT Media Lab by 7:45 am to kick off the first block (check-in begins at 7:15 am). When you arrive, look for volunteers in black ARIA T-shirts at a registration table on the first floor before you get on the elevators. Tell the volunteer checking people in your name and identify yourself as a speaker. They will direct you up to the Speaker Green Room on the 6th floor where you can check-in and pick-up your Speaker Badge.

Please report to the Green Room 30 minutes before your block begins. For instance, if you are in the 11:00 am block, please arrive by 10:30 am. We will have make-up artists on hand to get you ready and will be answer any last-minute questions you have.

What should I wear?

We recommend nice “business casual”; wear what you might wear on an informal evening out with good friends. Because you’ll be viewed on screen, stick with solid colors, other than black or white, avoid patterns, and avoid sparkly or jangly jewelry. And your outfit, jewelry, and hair style need to accommodate both microphone styles: one that runs over one ear and the other that clips to your clothing. Both styles have a microphone battery pack tucked somewhere on your hip or lower back.

Do I need Stage Make-up?

As an investment in you as a speaker we have engaged some professional make-up artists to prepare you before you go on stage. This will give you a natural, clean appearance on camera under the professional stage lighting.

We will be capturing talks in both studios in high-def video with wide, close-up and roving camera angles. Please remember that after the live event, your real audience are the hundreds of thousands that will watch the video from your talk.

Is there an ARIA Speaker Release that I need to sign?

Yes, we’re going paperless this year and will be emailing you a link to the speaker release for you to digitally sign before you go on stage. This is a quick process that only asks for your printed name, signature, and date. Once it’s completed, you will automatically receive a PDF copy of the signed form. If you have any questions, please email Chris Sanders <>.

What will the stage be like?

Make sure that you are near the AV booth / AV person once the speaker before you goes on stage. We will have 2 lavalier mics in each studio (1 for the Speaker on-stage and the other for the Speaker “on deck”) and the audio tech will mic you up.

Our hosts will introduce you and then you will walk out to stage center, breathe, and share your big idea. John Werner will be hosting Studio 1 (multipurpose) and Christopher Bishop and Sarah Murphy will be co-hosting in Studio 2 (amphitheater).

You will have a clicker to advance your slides. You’ll see your slides on a confidence monitor right in front of you so you don’t need to look at the screen behind you. The monitor will show an exact mirror of your current slide (it won’t be a presentation notes set-up).

When you’re done, take a moment to enjoy the applause, then head back off stage the way you came.

What happens after I give my talk?

We’re going to have some podcasters there on Monday to help spread your ideas beyond the summit. Interested in being interviewed? Let us know HERE

How will my friends and family watch the talk?

We encourage you to invite your special guest by using a comp pass HERE. Please have your guests arrive at least 15 minutes before your block to ensure that they get a seat. For those guests who aren’t local, your talk will be published on our website www.arinaction.oerg after the event and we will send you a link to share.

When will my talk be posted online?

Our editors get to work polishing talks right away, and we are usually finishing up the first batch a week after the event. Please be patient; as soon as your talk is ready to share, we’ll email you the link.

Where should I Park?

We recommend taking the red-line subway to the Kendall / MIT Stop. See HERE for directions. There are limited parking options in garages around the venue – see HERE.